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Dear Patient,

we are delighted that you have found us. Before we get to know each other better this website can provide you with a first impression. It gives you interesting and helpful information about the organization of our clinic, our team, your therapists and the most important diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

We are there for you - no matter what your questions or concerns may be. We will do our best so that you can recover your health as quickly and completely as possible. Even though that may occasionally take time: be patient. With us. But also with yourself and the process in your body and your soul.

We both have a common goal: your well-being. We want to be a “good” clinic for you. Thank you for granting us your trust. In the spirit of a excellent recovery.

Peter Mandel & Markus Wunderlich

  • Praxis for Esogetic Medicine
    Peter Mandel und Markus Wunderlich
    Hildastrasse 8
    76646 Bruchsal

    Fon   +49 (0)7251 8001 10
    Fax    +49 (0)7251 8001 44

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