Our Philosophy - Our Concepts

Peter Mandel and his Esogetic Holistic Medicine are an inseparable unit. Worldwide physicians and naturopaths are treating in accordance with his protocols. Here at our clinic you are directly "at the source". All therapists have been trained by Peter Mandel himself and their mastery of the methods of Esogetic Holistic Medicine is perfect. You can completely rely on them.

But the best therapy is of no use, if the respect of the human being is lacking. The individual patient always constitutes the center of our attention. Therefore the clinic serves the patient - and not the other way around.

Each method that we employ in our clinic is based on the idea of holism. When you are feeling ill, then you are affected in body and soul. It is important to include both of them in the diagnosis and therapy. We are convinced that that is the only way for an individual to become "completely" healthy.

We see ourselves as your partner and we are sharing the responsibility for your well-being. We are able to help. However it is up to you and your choices to accept this support and actively put it to use. That implies openness - on both sides.

We are not limiting our exploration to just symptoms. Those are probably much more familiar to you than to any therapist.

In order to fully comprehend you and your concerns, we have to deeply get involved in your situation. On the other hand it is also important to make a somewhat objective decision as to which measures will be serving you best in the long run.

Therefore each and every detail is important for a therapy that is custom-tailored to you. That is the reason why we are taking so much time to get to know everything there is about your individual needs, complaints and problems.That is the only way to shed light on the circumstances and the causes of your situation.

We will use any means at our disposal to support you on your journey from disease towards health. We will strengthen your weaknesses and employ and challenge your strengths. That leads to success - through the gradual understanding and treatment of all layers of body, mind and the subconscious.

Professional competency is a given for us and a stringent requirement for any effective treatment. Just the same we are placing an equally strong value on a close connection with you, our patients. That includes a level of friendliness that allows you to really "settle" down with us and allow the trust to grow.

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